Scania Oil

Scania center - Plovdiv

The usage of high quality oil is important for maintenance of good operation of your vehicle.

Here you can find engine, gearbox and axle oils developed by Scania. They help to reduce wear and tear and prolong the life of your vehicles.

There are four grades of Scania Oil for engines:
  • E7 - Engine 15W-40
  • LDF - Engine 15W-40 
  • LDF2 – Engine 10W-40
  • LDF3 - Engine 10W-40
LDF oils can withstand prolonged operational stress in a changing climate.
Scania Oil for gearboxes:
  • STO 1:0 - Gearbox 80W-90
  • STO 1:0 – High Performance, Gearbox 75W-90

Scania Oil for rear axles:

  • STO 1:0 – Axle 85W-140
  • STO 1:0 - Axle 80W-140
  • STO 1:0 – High Performance, Axle 75W-140