Stas Tipping Trailers

STAS Trailers

With over 100 years of construction experience and tradition and over 30 years in the building of aluminium trailers, the Belgian company STAS has become what it is today: The European leader in the construction of aluminium tipping trailers and Moving-floor trailers. The STAS products have proven technical characteristics and quality. They are distinguished for their stability, low dead weight, high payload and long life span, as at the same time the attention is turned to the load’s safety and the ease of work. Characteristic of the semi-trailers STAS is that both the body and the chassis are manufactured by using aluminium alloys of an extreme good quality. They contain a significant amount of Magnesium, which makes them much stronger and much more corrosion resistant. The using of aluminium alloys leads to many other advantages of these products:

  • Low dead weight
  • Higher payload 
  • Very high stability during unloading 
  • Excellent finish quality 
  • Minimum standstill 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Long lifespan 
  • Very high residual value

The product range for Bulgaria includes Moving Floor semi-trailers 91 m3 and the following tipping semi-trailers: 50 m3 for transport of grain; 35 m3 for transport of grain, sand and gravel; 25 m3 with conical body for transport of inert materials. This does not exclude the delivery of other types of semi-trailers, belonging to the production range of STAS according to the needs of the customers.

Tipper semi-trailer 25 m3 - extra light
The new STAS TPX - semi-trailer of the Year 2007
Tipper semi-trailer 35 m3
Ideally suited for "heavy duty"purposes!
Tipper semi-trailer 50 m3
It can be used to transport both bulk products and pallets!
Tipper semi-trailer 91 m3
Moving floor semi-trailer for transport of bulk products and pallets.