V8 Scania - exterior

The unique exterior styling features of the Scania V8 truck range make a statement of independence and ambition. From the front, the V8s are easily recognised by the Black Brilliant grille with special grill mesh and the chromium Scania sign, model badges and air intakes. If you order your V8 with xenon headlights, they will come with special black surrounds.
From a side view the distinctive shape of the exhaust tailpipe – square with rear-mounted and round with side-mounted batteries - will draw attention, together with the elegant chrome trim on the low-drag sideskirt.
The V8 badges on the grille and sideskirts leave no one in doubt about what vehicle that just drove by.

  • Scania, model and V8 badges in chrome finish at the front and chrome trim around the fresh air intakes
  • V8 symbol on sideskirts
  • Distinct front grille in Black Brilliant with special mesh pattern
  • Xenon headlights (option) with dark surrounds
  • Specially-styled exhaust tailpipe with chrome-finish cover plate on left-hand side (with low-drag sideskirts)