Seventy years of experience and specialization in the production of diesel engines enabled the creation of a new engine with the largest torque used on ISUZU D-Max.
It is a completely new engine EURO 5, 2500 cc, equipped with twin turbo, which gives torque and power which you require.

It achieves high output of 163hp (120kW) with high torque of 400Nm, towing capacity of 3000 kg.
The engine is extremely durable since it has:
  • Chain for timing the engine – no maintenance required
  • Aluminum alloy cylinder head 
  • Cylinder block with special stiffening improvements for the induction of high frequency
Technical characteristics:
  • 4-cylinder,in-line
  • 16 valves, double overhead camshaft
  • Direct injection
  • Euro 5
  • 2.5 litre
  • Max.power: 163 h.p./ 3600 rpm
  • Max. torque: 400 Nm / 1400– 2000 rpm
  • Fuel consumption – 7.3 L/100 km
Turbo Charger:
  • Improved two-stage turbo-charger
  • Improved performance throughout the entire engine rev range
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Decreased exhaust emissions

  • Increased volume and efficient location
  • High fuel injection pressure (200 Mpa)

Microparticles filter (DPD):
  • Ceramic filter which holds the microparticles, released from the combustion
  • Decreased exhaust emissions
  • Fully automatic regeneration
  • Decreased harmful emissions
  • Indicator for the filter status