Scania new R-series

„Quality in every detail” – this is the message, which the new Scania R-series brings. Distinct, dynamic and sharper than ever, the Scania range now also includes the new Scania R-series, which sets a new standard in long-haulage truck design and technology.

Interior – interior, matching your personal taste and style
The new R-series offers unique possibilities to create an interior that reflects your personal taste and style. It offers exceptional conveniences for the driver, ergonomics and comfort.
The dashboard features new styling and new materials that improve the look and feel. Ergonomics have been further improved and the storage facilities around the driver reviewed to cater for all the items that need to be at hand when driving.
The styling and choice of colours reflects the different functional areas in the cab, i.e. the workplace, the resting area and the sleeping quarters, all tied together by a coherent, customisable colour scheme.
You can either tailor your interior completely according to your own taste or go with one of the Designer's Choice pre-selected combinations.
The elements of the interior are available in dark gray, dark yellow (sand) and brown.

Driver station – feel the difference
Driver focus has always been a top priority at Scania and the reward for all the efforts is the smiling face of the driver and his pride that he drives such a high quality vehicle, as the Scania R-series truck is.
The central console is a place for everything – from mobile phones and A4 folders to cups, keys, bottles and sunglasses. The standard features include lighting, storage compartments for small items and a stand, which is not slippery.
The new R-series now offers four new storage compartments for large 1.5 litre bottles. The storage compartments are placed two and two in each door.
The new navigation and audio units, equipped with CD, MP3 and FM capabilities, are fully integrated into the dashboard design. With the AUX-in connector, you can plug in your personal player and enjoy your favourite music or audio books through the system.
The steering wheel controls have a completely new tactile feel and the arrangement has been ergonomically improved with all speed control functions readily accessible at the bottom.
A long list of factory options enables the working environment and living space to be customised to your personal preferences and needs.

Unique bed options – life on the road as it should be
A completely new bed concept, featuring 155 mm high individual pocket springs handpicked from the best of Swedish luxury furniture manufacturers, provides an exceptionally comfortable rest and a good night’s sleep. The new bed range also features the all-new top-of-the line extendable bed with which you can customise both firmness and width up to 900 mm. The upper bed also follows the same upgrade in regard to comfort and stability and is now available as wide as 700 mm in the Highline cab. The new design includes a sturdy yet lightweight structure and offers easy access via the smart fold-out ladder (Topline).
Naturally the new bed range has been designed to match the interior colour scheme in sand or black. The fabric has been carefully developed to ensure premium quality and long-life durable performance. The new bed fabric and colours, together with the dune pattern, complete the interior sense of unity.
Behind each door there is a convenient compartment for storing your personal items, easily accessible from the bed. To further improve the storage possibilities, storage bins above the doors are now also available in the Highline, as well as in the Topline cab.
This VIP regard is, of course, a matter of safety as the well rested drivers drive best. But this is also an indication of the respect of Scania to those who spend so many days and nights in vehicles.

The new Scania Opticruise transmission – gearchanging will never be the same
The new Scania R-series marks the introduction of a completely new Scania Opticruise system. It is available in a fully automated version or with a classic clutch pedal, according to your own preference. This is a system, which thinks and acts as the most skillful and experienced driver. 
  • The new automatic Scania Opticruise transmission helps to reduce the fuel consumption and the overall operating costs.
  • It changes gears faster and smoother, giving outstanding comfort, control and fuel economy. 
  • The automatic clutch has an electric control system with high precision, which turns off for a short time the clutch between gear shifting and this leads to even greater precision. 
  • Manoeuvring mode provides supersensitive control of the clutch in extreme situations, such as difficult manoeuvring. 
  • The connection of the driver with all the functions for gearchanges and retarder control are inserted into the lever right of the steering wheel. 
  • Versions with 8-, 12- and 12+2 gears, the latter with overdrive. 
  • The new shift strategy adapts gearchanges to the style of driving, the load and to the inclination of the road. 
  • The overall electronic protection provides protection for a minimum clutch wear. 

Fuel economy – better fuel economy from every angle
To optimize fuel economy and increase operating profit, along with the new Scania Opticruise transmission, Scania R-series offers many opportunities with improved aerodynamics, lower gear ratio and introduction of the unique Scania Driver Support system.
The new chassis design with rear mounted batteries and extra large tanks that can hold as much as 1,500 litres of fuel, also contributes to the lower fuel consumption. Rear-mounted batteries offer additional space on the frame. Larger tanks means fewer refuelling stops and the flexibility to fill the tanks wherever fuel is better in terms of quality or price.

Scania Driver Support System – your personal adviser for better driving
The Scania Driver Support System gives the driver individual hints and feedback on the driving with safety and fuel economy as key parameters. It works in real time during driving and delivers a summary after a completed assignment.
The system is designed to work in line with the Scania Driver Training program in order to maintain the results after training. Results and feedback are displayed in the central instrument, making it fun and safe to challenge yourself to keep the fuel consumption as good as possible.
Using Scania Driver Support extends the positive effects of driver training courses. Tests have shown that Scania Driver Training can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% immediately. Combined with Scania Driver Support, variation in fuel consumption is also dramatically reduced from 15-20% to around 5%, indicating a much more consistent driving style.
With Scania Driver Support even more drivers can improve their driving performance.