The new ISUZU D-Max  Light-Duty Trucks N-Series

One of the oldest companies in the Japanese automotive industry, the history of ISUZU starts in 1922 with the production of the Japan’s first domestically produced truck. ISUZU is specialized in the production and trade of pick-ups and light-duty trucks and it is the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel motors.
It is not by chance that ISUZU takes first place in sales of diesel motors pick-ups in the world. The annual capacity of diesel motors exceeds 1.000.000 units.
ISUZU operates in 110 countries and the company has 6 Research and Development Centres in the world.
ISUZU’s philosophy is based on the following principles: 
• Leadership in the diesel motors development on a world level
• Excellent quality
• Development of leading technology with care for the environment
• Creation of products with excellent results regardless the climatic conditions
• Durability
• Safety
• Economy

It is worth noting that over 40 years, ISUZU provides vehicles and engines to all Japanese scientific expeditions in Antarctica.